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SDR2 - The Executed 
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reblog ghost dog or else u will be haunt in 31 minutes



I dont want to be haunt, mus reblog

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so let’s have a real talk

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traditional badge commissions are open! they are $30 each, +$5 to cover the cost of shipping and laminating!  please send me an ask/fanmail or note on deviantart or FA, or @/DM me on twitter to get one!  signal boosts are appreciated!

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I try kirby nightmare in dreamland multiplayer.

and I’ve never seen this icon.

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"Take me into the water! I’m going to chase some crabs out for you guys."

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"4 Things You Need to Know for Book 4" from Nick [x].

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You’re clearly not old enough to have children if you’re thinking of naming them after anime characters or some shit

when sasuke inuyasha grows up he’s gonna kick your ass for talking shit

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please send me an ask if you want something tagged that i dont tag already!

i tag nsfw things (even text posts most of the time), water, rape, gore, blood, trypophobia, pda, and carpophobia

is there anything i’m missing that my followers want tagged? it’s better to take five seconds to tag something then risk the harm of one of my adorable followers

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Where are you? And im so sorry. I cannot sleep, i cannot dream tonight.

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Ok, you know what, what the heck. I’m going through the trouble of publishing this because if there are other people following me that thinks this way, here is a douse of cold water for you all;

This is not an appropriate way of responding to an artist who simply asked you to ask before you use their work. You’re acting as if I’m some foreign artist in another dimension you can’t possibly contact when you went and saved my drawing of my girlfriend from my art blog. It’s literally no harder than sending an ask to the same art blog you took the picture from. So no, it’s not rudiculous to expect you to have the common dececy to ask passerineart (you even know my url; this was in my tag) ”can I use your art?” lmao. there is a HUGE difference between saving pictures from google and directly from the original artist which you even know the name of. You took the time to write a post about using my art, whats so difficult about just asking? You could have spend the time writing that post on asking me politely and then giving me credit in your sidebar or smth.

You all need to stop with the ”lmao its on the interwebs chillax if you dont want it used dont post it haha ridic” because this is a simple matter of you having the morale and common decency to ask before you take. This isn’t about rules or terms of service. This is about you being a good and kind human being and actually care about artists feelings.

I’m an artist. I earn money off my work. When people commission me, the drawing I make for them belong to them because they paid me to make it. And if somebody like you go and use the picture which they paid for, you’re stealing. Then it’s not in my hands anymore. Then you’re legitimately stealing and using the art someone paid for just because you can’t be assed to ask.

And don’t give me that ”so much for any publicity is good publicity” crap. People won’t know I made your icon just because you made one post about it. They wont scour your entire blog to find that one, single post you made about using my art as your icon. It’s not publicity unless you give me credit in the sidebar, which you couldn’t even be assed to do.

I don’t mean to make this into a personal attack on you, but you, and people who think like you, have to realize people spend hours and hours on art and some even get paid for it and then you just waltz in and take it without permission. Not cool. Feels like shit. Stop it.

I’m just one single small artist and people like you, who only care about us to the extent of which you can use our blood and sweat to your own personal gain, need to sit back and re-evaluate your choices. I don’t pay to take art courses and do commissions for people to take it as a given that you can just use my art without asking and then giving me the ”dont post unless you want it stolen” shit. 

Don’t use my art without my permission unless you want me to call you out on it. Don’t wear cute clothes outside if you don’t want me to tear them off and steal them. Don’t pay for things in public if you don’t want me to snag the money out of your hands.

So much for being polite about people using common decency, huh?


good LORD that response was so uncalled for and out of line. first and foremost; you listen to artists when they ask you to check with them prior to using their work, this is not something to be pissy about. it’s not your place to be rude and whine about how you’re giving the artist ~GREAT PUBLICITY~ (wrong, though - 1 text post with art credit doesn’t cut it) and it isn’t appreciated. just apologize, tell them that you’ll remember it for the future and don’t do it again. it is in NO WAY ridiculous for an artist to expect people to be polite enough to ask before taking, and you sound incredibly entitled to believe anything on the web is up for grabs, even if it’s just for personal use.

additionally, it’s also really darn awkward to stumble across a blog and seeing that the sidebar is a drawing that my girlfriend drew of me, for me, and as passerine said, if it was a commission you’d technically be stealing from me too. and in any case, passerine is already really fucking lenient to even let people use her art, tons of artists don’t want their work used for icons or sidebars or redistributed anywhere and that should also be respected.

And people wonder why I get so worked up when my stuff get stolen.

It’s because most of the time people respond to me like this when I’ve asked them nicely. It’s ridiculous.

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My GF right now